The Rihanna Effect _ Vogue
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The Old School _NYFW 2014
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How to Take A Selfie _ Tips from A Supermodel
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Green-Eyed Beauty_ Erykah Badu for Givenchy S/S 2014
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Miley, Is That You? _ Miley Covers W Magazine
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September_ In My Future Closet

Eargasms | Short Films

A$AP Rocky
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Clayton Vomero


deb·o·nair ˌdebəˈne(ə)r

adjective 1. (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming. synonyms: suave, urbane, sophisticated, cultured, self-possessed, self-assured, confident, charming, gracious, courteous, gallant, chivalrous, gentlemanly, refined, polished, well-bred, genteel, dignified, courtly.

pan·da ˈpandə

noun noun: panda; plural noun: pandas; noun: giant panda; plural noun: giant pandas 1. a large bear-like mammal with characteristic black and white markings, native to certain mountain forests of central and western China. It feeds almost entirely on bamboo and has become increasingly rare.