MEME_ S/S 2015

Modern clothes for modern children is même’s mission statement. A far cry from the standard kidswear offerings, même offers a catalog of gender neutral clothing aimed at ages 1-10. Intended to be shared between brothers and sisters, the clothing also utilizes elongated, looser cuts in a practical manner, as kids will not outgrow the clothing in such concrete terms. The brand is also partnered with Seattle based organization Art With Heart,  and 10% of each purchase will be donated to the cause of using creativity to inspire possibilities. Head over to the brand’s homepage to find out more.


September_ In My Future Closet

Eargasms | Short Films

A$AP Rocky
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Clayton Vomero


deb·o·nair ˌdebəˈne(ə)r

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pan·da ˈpandə

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